Air Conditioning

Keep cool with Walkers Auto Electrics Air Con Services

Ensure the safety  and well-being of your kids, passengers and transportation department employees with a quality and cost-effective air-conditioning system and service.

When it comes to air conditioning, regular servicing is a must. But beware of cheap shortcuts! Walkers Auto Electrics strictly follow the car manufacturers’ recommendations and use only R134a as the replacement refrigerant.

Talk to us today about making your passengers even more comfortable with a all vehicle air-conditioning system which assists you with improved fuel efficiency, lower environmental impact and low maintenance costs for long term savings! Walkers Auto Electrics is an authorised and trained Denso air-conditioning service centre and we are able to offer you advice on Denso’s adaptable high-performance air-conditioning systems for your car, campervan or van.

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Car Air Conditioning Services

  • Air control
  • Air circulation control
  • Humidity control
  • Air purification
  • Testing for optimum cooling performance for your maximum comfort & safety
  • Diagnostic, service and repair of all air-conditioning components including climate control, compressor, condensor, filters, hoses, wiring and pipes
  • Recharge of R134a refrigerant
  • Leak, pressure and temperature testing
  • Elimination of odd-smells from bacteria or mould built up

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When you need a car air conditioning service, you want answers and solutions, not the run-around. At Walkers Auto Electrics, we know exactly how crucial it is to have a functioning aircon in your car; sitting in traffic on a summer day can leave you boiling, after all. Whether the system is not blowing air at all or not cooling as it use too, we can ensure the correct diagnosis will take place under our experienced eye.


The Benefits of a Car Aircon Regas Service by Walkers Auto Electrics


The Air Conditioning system is a sealed system designed to hold its gas, but over time seals and other components can wear and produce leaks. This is why it is important to have your vehicles air conditioning diagnosed by a licensed air conditioning technician. Here at Walker’s we can:

  • Identify and stop any leaks. Not only is it less than ideal for the environment, but a regas won’t help over the long term if we don’t stop the leaks first. We’ll ensure that everything is in good working order before appropriately recharging the system with R134A or HFO123Y Refrigerant to the appropriate level of pressure.
  • Enjoy better fuel efficiency when you seek out regular service for your car air conditioning in Brookvale. With a clean filter and a system that does not have to work so hard to cool the air, as a result your vehicle won’t consume as much fuel.
  • Reduce your maintenance costs over the long term. Requesting a check-up from an auto electrician on your air conditioning can help to fix small problems before they become significant issues.

Why Trust Walkers Auto Electrics with Your Auto Air Conditioning in Brookvale?

Though it’s easy to see what benefits we offer, learning more about our business can help to inspire the confidence you need to book your service visit. Here’s why we’re the right choice:

  • We have more than 40 years of experience in servicing vehicles for our customers throughout the Northern Beaches region. We’ve seen it all over the years!
  • We do the job correctly the first time, and we focus on identifying problems and their solutions before following through to the end.
  • We’re well-versed in appropriate maintenance procedures, and we always go by the book when it comes to following manufacturer recommendations. No need to worry about accidental damage or maintenance mishaps.
  • We are one of three Denso air conditioning service agents in the whole of Sydney and strive to maintain a high level of service.

Dedicated to your satisfaction from aircon servicing to battery replacements, Walkers Auto Electrics delivers the same level of care we’d use on our own vehicles.

About Walkers Auto Electrics

Highly skilled with automotive electricians and mechanics, our team can carry out simple, routine maintenance alongside complicated diagnostic fault finding work to deeply involved vehiclemodifications. Australian family-owned and still characterised by family values, Walkers Auto Electrics provides service with a personal touch — the kind that makes a difference in your experience and your day. Let’s chat today to figure out how we can help and when to fit you in for a visit to our shop. Contact us now.