Air Conditioning - Walkers Auto Electrics
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Air Conditioning

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When it comes to air conditioning, regular servicing is a must. But beware of cheap shortcuts! Walkers Auto Electrics strictly follow the car manufacturers’ recommendations and use only R134a as the replacement refrigerant.

Ensure the safety  and well-being of your kids, passengers and transportation department employees with a quality and cost-effective air-conditioning system and service.

Bus Air-Conditioning

Talk to us today about making your bus passengers even more comfortable with a bus air-conditioning system which assists you with improved fuel efficiency, lower environmental impact and low maintenance costs for long term savings! Walkers Auto Electrics is an authorised and trained Denso air-conditioning service centre and we are able to offer you advice on Denso’s adaptable high-performance air-conditioning systems for your bus.

Keep cool with Walkers Auto Electrics service and repair

  • Air control
  • Air circulation control
  • Humidity control
  • Air purification
  • Testing for optimum cooling performance for your maximum comfort & safety
  • Diagnostic, service and repair of all air-conditioning components including climate control, compressor, condensor, filters, hoses, wiring and pipes
  • Recharge of R134a refrigerant
  • Leak, pressure and temperature testing
  • Elimination of odd-smells from bacteria or mold built up