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Automotive Lighting Solutions

Automotive Lighting Solutions

In winter proper lighting is crucial and at Walkers we have some great new products using the latest lightening technology!

Check out the latest range of ultra powerful LED headlights and tail light solutions or call us for a individual consultation for you (02) 9907 1555.

There have been some amazing developments in the automotive lighting sector. And for better safety, onroad or offroad it’s all about seeing and being seen!

279J Series – LED Tail Light Kit (Left & Right)

Designed Specifically For Jeep JK Wrangler

J.W. Speaker have officially launched the very first LED Retrofit solution for the Jeep JK Wrangler’s full tail light assembly. This is an exciting step forward in LED Retrofit solutions for Jeep
The 279J Series is a full unit replacement which means you simply remove the old tail light unit and plug in and secure the new one. That’s it! No extra wiring needed.
The aggressive new styling also fits perfectly with the uniqueness of the rest of the retrofit product range such as the 8700EVOJ headlight inserts and the extensive driving light range. If you own a JK Wrangler and want to stand out from the crowd, the 279J Tail Light Kit is the perfect product for you.

279J Series LED Tail Light


jeep retrofit








6145J & 6150J Series LED Fog Light Kit (Pair)

Another Step Forward In Retrofit Solutions6145J
As vehicles and their ECU’s become more advanced, the need for more advanced lighting products naturally comes along with that. For most LED products on the market, an anti-flicker harness or some form of resistor relay has been required to bypass any electrical interference issues. This is now a thing of the past.

The new 6145J and 6150J Series LED Fog Lights retain the same styling as the old model but with one major upgrade. Anti-flicker technology has been built into the new circuit board to completely eliminate the need for any extra wiring. These fog lights are now simply plug and play.

The new generation of fog light comes in two different mounting options;
The 6145J Series is a Jeep Wrangler specific (2014 – 2015) bumper mount product and the 6150J Series is a universal product with a pedestal mount.
With an impressive 610 effective lumens of pure fog lighting, this is the perfect product to compliment the extended range of Jeep LED products.

TS3001 Series LED Driving Lights

The Next Step In Driving Light Technology
In early 2012, JW Speaker released their very first generation driving light, the TS3000. In early 2013 the TS3000R (A round version of the original) was released and in late 2015, the next generation of driving lights were introduced starting with the TS4000.
Now, the second phase of the release is here in the form of the TS3001R and TS3001V Series. These two additions to the range bring a much improved design with the new bracket system, allowing much greater tilt range to suit different mounting locations (Bullbar, Bonnet or Roof). The Xenoy Acrylic housing is another fantastic change in combination with
the Polycarbonate lens, making it far more tolerant to debris that may flick up off the road and hit the lights.

TS3001 Series LED Driving Lights JeepTS3001 Series LED Driving LightsTS3001 Series LED Driving Lights 2






8700 EVOJ Series LED Headlights

Designed Specifically For Jeep Owners8700 evolution product

J.W. Speaker have officially launched the newest iteration of the highly successful 8700 Series Headlight Inserts, the Evolution J Series. This version has been designed specifically for Jeep owners and is the world’s first LED headlight with integrated anti-flicker technology that eliminates flickering caused by the Jeep electrical system in newer model Jeeps. Other LED headlights require expensive and/or bulky anti-flicker harnesses but the 8700 Evolution J Series is completely plug & play!

The EVOJ Series is available as a single unit or as the newly added Twin Pack, making it even more convenient for you!

At Walkers we are all about quality! Check out this video about the products we use and the implication especially for offroad driving:

Talk to our trained Auto Electrical team to find the right light for your vehicle and usage! Call (02) 9907 1555

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