What is the Best Battery for my car?

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What is the Best Battery for my car?

Automotive Batteries get worn or get old and need replacing. Most vehicle owners will replace the car battery during their ownership of a car, van, boat or motorhome. Hopefully not when it’s too late and the car won’t start or you are broken down and require roadside assistance.

Be Proactive and get your battery checked!

But where to start? The huge choice in automotive batteries can be confusing!

Here is the Walkers Battery Checklist:

  • Talk to a battery expert like Walkers about your driving needs. Are you mainly doing stop start city traffic? Only a trained expert knows the right size, vehicle manufacturer’s specifications,and terminal locations for your vehicle.
  • Batteries have a shelf-life. Make sure you buy a battery no older than 6 months.
  • Make sure to recycle your old battery. Walker Auto Electrics recycles all car and marine batteries for free for our customers.
  • Check battery warranty. Walkers has a quality guarantee on all our work.
  • What about a maintenance free battery?  We recommend to still keep it serviced and check and clean terminals and corrosion and also check the alternator charge rate. Talk to us about different types of batteries and the best maintenance.
  • As the weather heats, so does the stress on your car battery. Hot climate cause batteries to fail faster due to heat distortion, more corrosion and water loss. We recommend a Car Spring Check to keep you cool and on the road during the hot summer months.
  • The Battery light came on – now what do I do? Come and see the Walkers Battery experts in Brookvale. We will check your car charging system. Your car might be running on battery only and we will fix it for you before you break down and damage to the electric system of your car is done.

We have been working on boats for 30 years and we are trained and experienced in marine batteries, the best marine batteries for your boat, quality battery on the water. We can supply and fit your marine battery for you.

Talk to us about dual battery charge systems and dual battery kits today.

If you are heading for that trip into the great outdoors or the outback, we can keep your drinks cool with our range of vehicle fridges. We also fit all 4WD, campervans and motorhomes with all electrical systems. The right battery will keep your trip smooth and memorable for the right reasons!

Call Walkers today on  (02) 9907 1555 or visit us on 12 WINBOURNE ROAD BROOKVALE NSW



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