Car Alarms

Car Alarms and Security!

Protect your car, ute, van, motorhome with the latest car alarms and automotive security solutions for your peace of mind!

Our latest, trialled and tested car alarms and automotive security systems provide the best protection against theft and break-ins. GPS tracking solutions allow you to track your vehicles via your mobile phone with well designed tracking features. It even might save you money on your insurance too! Contact us for more details!

Tool Box Alarms

Tools are your assets and generate your income! With tool thieves on the rise, protect your gear with a expert installed tool box alarm.

Your tools are critical keeping you working on building sites and earning  your income! Keep your valuable tools, parts and contents of your work vehicle safe – either on site or in your driveway with a quality tool alarm.

Walkers can also help you with tool box sensors or tool box central locking. We work with leading automotive security brands such as Mongoose and AntiTheft.

mongoose car alarm

Car Alarm

Secure your work or private vehicle with a quality top shelf automotive alarms and sensors and sirens.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Systems

All our fitted GPS vehicle trackers come with a handy mobile app. You can keep track any vehicle live or review it’s driving history. Set alerts for speeding or receive alerts for tampering.

toolbox alarm

Toolbox Alarm

As a tradie your tools are your livelihood. Tool theft is on the rise, but we have great security solutions for your toolbox! Invest in a quality system installed by a trusted professional like Walkers.

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Automotive Alarm Systems

Protect Your Vehicle with a Reliable Automotive Alarm System

Automotive alarm systems are among the most crucial anti-theft technologies you can have installed in your vehicle, and modern technology has made them more capable than ever. Whether you want to upgrade the stock alarm system in your car, or you’d like to add GPS tracking capabilities, access to trained and certified electrical professionals is essential for a successful project. At Walker’s Auto Electrics, we gladly offer our skills in alarm system installation to help you better secure your car.

Why Should You Use a Car Alarm with GPS Tracking?

One of the most common upgrades we perform involves fitting GPS trackers to a vehicle that tie in to the alarm system. Though these trackers can log locations at all times, they are most useful if a thief manages to escape with your vehicle. You should consider these devices because:

  • It makes the process of locating and recovering your vehicle far easier for the authorities. Do not attempt to track down your car on your own using GPS coordinates if it is stolen; instead, contact the police and alert them to the situation. Using your GPS information, they can locate the perpetrator and recover the car.
  • You may be eligible for a discount on your vehicular insurance. While not every provider offers rebates for GPS-enabled alarm systems, some do — why not enjoy a discount while also embracing the peace of mind such a system provides?
  • You can make your car a less valuable target. Consider adding some kind of indication that you have equipped your vehicle with advanced technology, similar to staking a home security system’s sign in front of your home.

The Benefits of Car Alarms in the Northern Beaches region from Walker’s Auto Electrics

Providing value to our customers is fundamental to our mission, and that includes creating specific benefits for those who use our services. Here’s how we offer an installation service that’s a cut above the rest:

  • We are experienced with the installation procedures for all the major alarm systems. In most cases, we can accomplish essential electrical work, such as alarm installation on the same day of your initial visit. Allow our speedy service to make your vehicle more secure.
  • Our friendly staff can demonstrate everything about your new alarm before you depart. From showing you how to access the GPS information via a smartphone app to how to enable and disable the alarm, we’ll ensure you have all the facts.
  • We can provide additional electrical modifications to your vehicle while also installing alarm systems. For example, if you are protecting an investment your work truck or van with thousands of dollars’ worth of tools and equipment is a must! Considering the rate of tradies Ute’s and vans that are being broken into.

Why Trust Our Team With Car Alarm Installations in Dee Why, Brookvale and Northern Beaches?

We’ve installed countless car alarms for many clients in vehicles as diverse as regular passenger cars to commercial vehicles. Along with our status as an authorised dealer for many brands (including Antitheft), we’ve also invested the time and effort necessary to keep our skills as sharp as possible. We perform all work to the highest standards possible, allowing you to leave confident in the operational capabilities of your new systems. Find out more about purchasing a GPS car alarm system today.