Dual battery management systems

Walkers offer an extensive range of dual battery management solutions.


When your affiliated with big quality brands like Piranha off road products & Redarc electronics – rest assured, that when it comes to the electrics in your 4×4 -Walkers are the best!

With a team of fully qualified Auto Electricians, its comes as a second nature for the boys when carrying out this very important and vital dual battery system on your 4×4, campervan or truck.

With vehicle charging Technology moving so fast the team at Walkers are up to date and know exactly what setup is needed for you to get the most out of your dual battery management system.


The latest change in the 4×4 market is the introduction of variable voltage alternators.


This means the vehicle charges the battery at a variable rate that is depended on the load of the vehicle at time and the vehicle battery condition.

The most common battery charging solutions that Walkers fit and have success with are the Redarc in-vehicle dc battery chargers (dc-dc charger) this setup is a must for variable voltage systems. The Piranha DBE-180sx which has some very intelligent features to ensure the protection your electrical system needs. This would have to be piranhas toughest battery isolator ever built!

We advise on, sell and install dual battery kits, dual battery isolator, dual battery isolator kits, dual battery charger, dual battery monitors and much more!


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Dual Battery Management System Piranha

Piranha Top Quality Australian manufactured Dual Battery Management System

You can’t go past the Redarc Dual Battery management system