Get your car spring ready

Get your car spring ready

Spring is finally here! Wake up your car, SUV or 4×4 from hibernation with Walkers Auto Electrics’ Ultimate Spring Check!

What’s included in Walkers Ultimate Spring Car Service?

  • Free Air Conditioning Inspection
  • Free Cabin Filter – Breath easy with a brand new and clean pollen cabin filter. This filter cleans the air entering the car and removes dust and pollen. It can get very clogged and dirty. It should be replaced at regular intervals.
  • Free Air conditioning Deodoriser – formulated to deodorise and disinfect the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Show your vehicle some love for a hot summer ahead. A well executed service after winter will help you car look better, work better and safe you money in the long run.  We service to manufacturers specifications – talk to us about the right service for your car today!

Call our friendly team at Walkers now to book a suitable time for you – (02) 9907 1555

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