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How heat affects your car battery and air conditioning

How heat affects your car battery and air conditioning

With scorching temperatures all across Sydney – cars are also feeling the heat!

Heat and sizzling roads impacts any vehicles operation. Hot summer weather puts tires, vehicle fluids, battery and air-con under stress!

Car Battery and Heat

Batteries operate with a chemical reaction and top battery performance depends on an ideal temperatures, which is around 26.7C. High temperatures like we are currently experiencing excellerate internal corrosion within the cells of the car battery. Corrosion unfortunately impacts battery performance and shortens the life span of a battery.

If you are experiencing some issues with your car battery, talk to Walkers Auto Electrics – we can test your battery, check for battery corrosion, ensure proper battery mounting and find you the best value battery for your vehicle.

What about tires? 

Heatwave temperatures cause sizzling roads are increase the likelihood of a blowout. Make sure tires have the right pressure, so they stay properly inflated and check them for wear and tear.

Did you know Walkers can assist you with tire checks and replacement? At Walkers we make sure your car operates with top performance and fuel efficiency.

Keep cool with efficient air conditioning

This is the peak time for car air-conditioning. At Walkers we recommend to check and service your air con system regularly. We also replace cabin air filters, which improves cooling and air quality within the cabin. We make sure your car air conditioning has no leaks or clogged vents. Regular air con service might avoid costly repairs in case of a fault.

Let the air conditioning experts at Walkers assist you.


Coolant and other fluids

Coolant keeps your engine cool during summer months and prevents overheating. Low fluid levels, worn or damaged hoses, radiator problems can cause your engine to overheat. This can result in very expensive damages to your car. We make sure to use best quality coolant to keep your car cool. And while we are at it, we can check your transmission and power steering fluid and of course the good old oil check.

Melting wiper blades

At Walkers we are stigglers for detail! Everyone knows how annoying damaged wiper blades are when it rains. And most wiper blade damage occurs during hot summer months as they tend to melt. At Walkers we have a great value best quality range of wiper blades – just give us a call on 02 9907 1555




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