Increase safety and reverse with confidence

ARB Reversing kit products

Increase safety and reverse with confidence

Whether you drive a car, four-wheel drive, motorhome, truck or tow a caravan, a reversing camera is always smart addition. Rear view camera systems don’t only make it safer to reverse, but also easier to park.

How do the systems work?

Vehicle reversing cameras are kits that are attached to the rear of the car, motorhome, truck, trailer or caravan and a monitor for the dashboard. The monitor switches on when your vehicle is reverse gear displaying the rear view. Rear view cameras and reversing sensor systems are perfect for reversing in tight places, residential areas or connecting a trailer, boat, camper or caravan to your vehicle.

What are the options?

There is a large range of rear view camera systems and parking sensors. From wireless reversing cameras, rear view mirror systems, in-dash systems, dash mount systems, multi-function systems all with different camera options. We recommend to speak to a fully qualified and experienced auto electrician to recommend you the right product for the right application.

At the moment we find wireless reversing camera kits are becoming very popular. But it might not be for everyone. The wireless signals and interference makes this a less reliable choice. We also found the durability of these systems often make it a less value in the long run.

Also a very popular choice are rear view mirror displays with integrated LCD screens. Professional kits don’t compromise the look of the car’s interior with obstructing cables.

Walker’s Expert team has also installed a lot of dash or window mounted systems. Talk to us about dash or window mount LCD screen systems, which has the advantage of larger screen sizes for maximum visibility.

What to look out for?

Compare the angles. Wider angles are usually better, but may result in a lower picture quality.

Make sure to choose a kit which starts in reverse gear. Not all do.

Find the right monitor size for your needs. A larger monitor might offer you better visibility, but clutter your dash. Check other options like windscreen mounts.

Different cameras offer different angles and are attached to either the bumper bar or license plate, while some are installed at the back window. Other systems offer multiple cameras mainly for boat trailers, motorhomes and caravans.

Some systems are advertised online as ‘easy DIY installation’. We recommend to leave it to a professional for a discreet, factory-fitted look without risking any damage. It is not only the hassle free option, but also protects the value of your vehicle.

A fully licensed and experience auto electrical expert ensures that there is no damage to your vehicle when installing reversing systems. Installation by a trained professional will give you full product warranty and ongoing service and support when you need it!

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