Is your battery winter proof? - Walkers Auto Electrics
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Is your battery winter proof?

Is your battery winter proof?

Batteries can die at any time of year but it’s more likely in winter when temperatures drop. In winter the load on the battery usually incrases with the load. You use more lights, heating, and wipers.

What can I do?

Any good workshop should all clamps and connections to the battery are secure and free from corrosion. Here are Walkers top battery tips:

Battery age

Like with anything in life – with age it’s harder to get started. If the battery is more than five years old and you are experiencing problems to start the car, get the battery replaced. It’s better to get it done early and at a convenient time to you, than being stranded somewhere with a dead battery.


Check that everything electrical, like lights, wipers, radio and phone charger is turned off when you park the car. It’s a battery killer!

Start it when it’s cold

Dip the clutch and switch off everything when you start the car. It will make it easier to start when it’s a cold morning.

Need a new battery?

Talk to Walkers battery expert team – we have the right equipment to test your battery and find the right battery for your vehicle. Modern vehicle batteries have to be programmed into the electronics and software of your vehicle. So make sure you get an expert like Walkers Auto Electrics to take care of it for you!

Call us today (02) 9907 1555 for some friendly expert advice!

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