Stay safe these school holidays & enjoy the drive - Walkers Auto Electrics
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Stay safe these school holidays & enjoy the drive

Stay safe these school holidays & enjoy the drive

The NSW School holidays are here. Many families are embarking on a long road trip or simply enjoy visiting many attractions and activities around town.

Travelling on our roads during school holidays can be more risky with people driving in unfamiliar surroundings or being fatigued.

Here are our top tips for making your car journey safer and more enjoyable:

  1. Car Safety: have your car checked and serviced by a professional like Walkers. Things to check include tyres. Do they have enough tread, and the correct pressure? Are all lights working? Also check brakes, engine oil, coolant and power steering fluid. If you are not sure where to start or are unsure – call Walkers Auto Electrics today on (02) 9907 1555 for a professional check. Consider being prepared in case you do get stuck with a first aid kit, a torch and a blanket.
  2. Driver Safety: Be rested and well hydrated before going on a trip. Make sure you bring plenty of water to drink and healthy snacks. Plan regular breaks to stay fresh and alert.
  3. Family Safety: If you are travelling with children check if you have the appropriate child restraint and if it is installed correctly. If you are taking your pet, you should also consider a safe pet restraint.
  4. Where are we? Familiarise yourself with the best and safest route. Plan places where you can stop, rest and refresh. Also plan in some flexibility – it will take the pressure off, if you encounter traffic jams or delays.
  5. Are we there yet? Fully charge all smart devices and pack some kids headsets. If you are packing toys, think about safety in case you need to break suddenly. Think about some fun games and activities to play along the way. Encourage your children to stretch and run around in a safe are when you stop along the way. Always keep a plastic bag and some whipes handy for those sticky little fingers.

Remember – you are on holidays. If you are prepared your trip will be safer, more relaxed and enjoyable for everyone! Always put safety first, be patient and enjoy your drive!


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